I see that in 2014 I noted my (forced) departure from Textdrive.

Well, late last year, the successor to Textdrive, Kaizen Garden, went sluggish and silent in much the same manner that Textdrive did before it.

So, I've moved my sites to a new web host, Webfaction. I am very happy with the service and the price.

In the Zuiker Chronicles, I wrote about the Duke River, which uses River4 River5 to collect feeds from across Duke University.

I've also used Surge for a couple of one-page sites:

01/25/16; 09:35:55 PM

Just testing my Fargo blog, and thinking about ways to work it back into my writing life.

The blog wasn't updating yesterday. I discovered a setting to sync the outline with the public html. Maybe that's what I unset at some point in the past, or maybe that was a new feature I missed during my blogging and social media sabbatical.

Yes, now this outline/blog is updating.

01/24/16; 09:13:05 PM

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