Dream flowing

I had a dream the other night that I wanted to write about.

  • Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. to the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. I didn't do much to mark the occasion, partly because when I was in Washington recently, I climbed the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and pondered the meaning of that speech, and Lincoln's inaugural addresses so many years before.

In my dream, I was attending a big Duke communicators meeting, and my friend David asked me to talk about blogging. I start telling my entire story (journalism, Peace Corps, Zuiker Chronicles), but also heard myself thinking 'It's not about me'. It was a dream, but in my dream I was having an out-of-body experience, seeing myself standing and talking, trying to get myself to stop and talk instead about my helicopter ride on Paama, when the pilot explained that he pictured the air flowing like a river and guided his aircraft along those streams of air.

In my dream, and in my waking consciousness, I realized that that was a perfect metaphor for the type of blogging I've been promoting at Duke Medicine, where I spend a lot of time meeting with colleagues to talk about how to use blogs and social media to communicate the research and education and clinical care provided by the departments in the School of Medicine. We talk a lot about the 'river of news', both the concept of flowing information and the reverse chronological display of discrete items of information.

The Department of Medicine, where I work, is about to begin the process of a major web redesign. I'd written an RFP, but my dream has helped me to see that I need to explain that our goal is for the new site to display some permanent information that exists like the rocks in a river or summits in a mountain range, but that mostly we want a site to reflect the flow of information like the flowing water in the river or the rushing air through the valley.

My other blogging strategy - small just, just ahead - will also be important.

I'm in the noisy new food pavilion at Duke, so probably haven't written the most coherent post above. More on it to come later.

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