Global voices

In conversations about the web, I often remark that it's kinda hard to actually get past the routine sites I visit and get to a site operated by someone beyond my own country. It's the world wide web, after all, and I know I need to make a concerted effort to get the global perspective.

So when I do think about broadening my online borders, I often head to Global Voices - "an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world."

In November 2006, when I was in Boston for a conference, I got a chance to meet one of the Global Voices founders, Ethan Zuckerman. I told him about my Story Blogging idea (oral history plus blogging, which didn't go anywhere at the time but has been reborn as the Voices of Medicine initiative with my friend, Jeff Polish, who runs the fabulous The Monti storytelling organization), and probably mentioned the first science blogging conference that Bora and I were planning for a couple of months later. Ethan's work on Global Voices was an inspiration to me as I worked to build the ScienceOnline community.

This afternoon, while I prepared the regular Sunday roasted chicken, I listened to On the Media, which featured this interview with Ethan:

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