Our first chronicles

I asked my daughter if she'd be interested in a short hackathon tonight.

What's a hackathon? she asked.

I explained that it's a time to build or code or create on the web, and that I needed to quickly make some changes to my blog.

By the time we were able to sit down, it was late. So instead of working on my blog, I talked her through creating her own using Fargo. The result: malia.smallpict.com

I just tucked her into bed, and she asked for a story about how I started my first blog. I told her about how I paid a friend to help create Zuiker Chronicles Online, how I bought a book about HTML, and how I knew enough to create this page when Frank the Beachcomber, our patriarch and creator of the Zuiker chronicling tradition, died.

I've been blogging ever since.

The about page on mistersugar.com has more of my blogging story.

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