Teas I'm drinking

I've been drinking looseleaf tea for some 20 years, and am in a renewed state of enjoyment of a good brew.

  • I drank coffee (espresso, really) only for a few years, and quit for good on December 31st of last year. I admit to a weekly craving for a latte at Caffe Driade (in Chapel Hill, NC), and so far I've been able to resist the temptation.

When I started to subscribe to the New Yorker (around 1995), I came across a small advertisement for Upton Tea Imports, and I've often ordered my tea from them. I've never been disappointed. Right now I'm sipping a cup of Anhui Province Keemun mao feng (bud and two leaves), one of my favorite types of black tea - it goes great with dark chocolate.

  • Upton also sent me a sample of a China green tea, Gu Zhang mao jian. It also is very good.

Once, when I visited Minneapolis, I visited a tea shop in St. Paul. I order from TeaSource, too. The strawberry oolong is an amazing tea iced.

I also order sometimes from Todd & Holland in Forest Park, Illinois. They make a delicious Island Mango blend, and 10 years ago they made an exotic merchant's blend chamomile tisane, and still make other fragrant chamomile blends.

Another time, when I lived in Honolulu, there was an Israeli jeweler who opened a cafe in my neighborhood. It didn't last, but it was open long enough for me to get there a few times to enjoy a Moroccan-style hot mint tea in a tall glass. When I came to Chapel Hill, the Silk Road Tea House had authentic Turkish tea.

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